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Race the Landing races are going GREAT!!

Steve Griffin, Melissa Clark, Cindy Salyer and Ferris Stewart

Race the Landing races are going GREAT!! Healthy Charleston Challenge and Roper Saint Frances Hospital has joined the fun! Our timing company has joined the fun by offering $200 to any Male or Female that

12 Jun

President’s Corner

In this issue of the snail-mail Newsletter, you will find articles by Board of Directors members Sarah Stuhr, Betty White, Haywood Titchener and Lisa Deaton; Park Manager Rob Powell, and Animal Forest Curator Jillian DeJorge-Davis. Their articles cover the broad spectrum of activities and programs at

9 Jun

Jillian DeLorge-Davis is Employee of the Year 2014

Park Ranger Rob Powell with Employee of the Year Jillian DeLorge-Davis

The first annual Volunteer-Staff Appreciation Dinner, following many years of honoring volunteers only was hosted by the Friends of Charles Towne Landing on Wednesday, April 23, 2014. The Friends wanted to honor

9 Jun

Bear Awareness

During the month of May the Animal Forest highlighted Bear Awareness Month. This week long event informed participants on the proper way to camp in bear country.
For example, never stash snacks inside your tent. Always keep them 200 feet away from your campsite. Food preparation areas

9 Jun

Chasing Rainbows – the end ……. and a new beginning!

It had never, ever occurred to me during the four years since becoming an almost daily walker in Charles Towne Landing and proudly wearing my “self-dubbed” title, #1 Rainbow Chaser, that I would NOT be able to rainbow chase regularly. But my regular rainbow chasing on

5 Jun

Semi-Annual Belk Charity Event

The Semi-Annual Belk Charity Event was held on May 3rd, 2014. The Sale was a private, four-hour sale was dedicated to supporting local non-profit organizations. Participating charities sold $5 tickets to this event. Charles Towne Landing kept 100% of the proceeds from every ticket sold at

5 Jun