The Semi-Annual Belk Charity Event

28 Sep

Shop at Belk and raise funds for the park on Saturday, November 8.  Buy your $5 ticket at the park’s Visitor’s Center or at Belk the morning of the sale.

The Semi-Annual Belk Charity Event will be held on Saturday, November 8th, 2014 from 6am – 10am. The Sale is a private, four-hour sale that is dedicated to supporting local non-profit organizations. Participating charities are selling $5 tickets to this event. The profits from all tickets sold by Friends of Charles Towne Landing will go towards the needs of the park. Purchasing these tickets allow you, the patron, to show your support for CTL and enjoy Belk store-wide discounts! Ticket sales that occur at the Citadel Mall Belk will be evenly dispersed among all participating charities at that location.

Last year, our goal was to raise $425.00. We met 84% of that goal!! This is an easy event in which to raise unlimited funds – if the effort is made. Belk takes care of all of the marketing materials and the printing of tickets. All we have to do is make sales of the $5 tickets! Please let your friends and family know of this wonderful opportunity to raise awareness and funds for our beloved Charles Towne Landing. I plan on attending the event on the morning of Nov 8th. If anyone else is interested in joining me or has any questions regarding this event, please let me know!

Highlights of this event:

  • Easy way to raise funds. FoCTL and the Visitor’s Center distributes tickets. Belk does all the marketing – all we have to do is sell $5 tickets.
  • The $5 ticket fee stays with FoCTL. This ticket entitles customers to enter Belk 6am – 10am.(You need at least one ticket to get into the event)
  • If you aren’t an early-riser – Pre-sale starts the week before.
  • Additional tickets purchased from CTL at the Visitor’s Center or in Belk on the morning of the event earn you an additional $5 off whatever item you are purchasing.
  • 1st 100 customers get gift cards. Gift cards range from $5-$1,000 (3 stores in our region will get 1K).
  • Money raised in Belk, that day, gets divided among participating charities. All charity names that participate get entered for a chance to win $1000.
  • Save the date! Saturday, Nov 8.

Haywood Tichener

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