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March 2018 Updates

The Animal Forest will be adding two more bison to the exhibit in April. The yearlings are female and should transition into the current herd easily.


The elk dropped his antlers, and has been reunited with the bison herd.


The Animal Forest’s annual event, Enrichment Day was a success despite

31 Mar

Charles Towne Landing Otter Pond

What you see here is a photo of the new UV/Ozone system at the otter habitat.  This is new technology that replaced old technology.  This single unit replaced the outdated system that consisted of a 30 gallon tank, two wall units, and a controller.  The new unit

13 Mar

Reason to smile! Week of Jan 22 – Jan 28th


The yellow crown night heron is back home in the shorebird aviary! After a successful surgery, the bird received lot’s of TLC from Dr. Todd Heldreth and Susan Bogart. Because of their constant care, she not only recovered, but thrived in small quarantine. After being released back into the habitat, she can be seen

3 Mar