Charles Towne Landing Otter Pond

13 Mar

What you see here is a photo of the new UV/Ozone system at the otter habitat.  This is new technology that replaced old technology.  This single unit replaced the outdated system that consisted of a 30 gallon tank, two wall units, and a controller.  The new unit is about 10 times smaller than the old one.  The “magic” is in the blue glow at the bottom you can see in the  photo. This Ultra Violet light zaps microorganisms and keeps the water safe for the otters and clear for the visitors to see better.  The tube at the top injects Ozone into the water to help control PH levels and bind microscopic particles together so the filters can filter them out.

This project was made possible through a gift from the Friends of $10,000 to the Animal Forest.


UV Ozone photo (2)

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