Cannon Maintenance-Who Knew?

16 Apr

charlestonwne landing

One of the most popular programs we do is the cannon firing at Charles Towne Landing.  If you have ever experienced it, you will not forget it!  The ground shakes and sound is unmistakable!  The staff at CTL are repairing the cannon carriage platforms, which, as you can see, is no easy task.  Just getting the extremely heavy cannon off the carriage is a challenge in itself.  Once the cannon is removed, the carriage is taken to the shop, repaired and routine maintenance is performed.  Three carriages have been repaired, one at a time of course, and they each look great – ready for a season of cannon firings and making memories.  The repairs and tedious nature of the project has been a challenge but certainly worth it!  Cannons, carriages, and teamwork, the week’s Point of Pride.


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