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From the Zoo….. So You Want to be a Zookeeper?

By Jillian Davis
Contrary to most beliefs, being a zookeeper doesn’t just consist of feeding and cleaning up after the animals. A keeper’s duties

10 Jun

The Domestic Side of the Animal Forest

Growls, meows, howls, chirps, and squawks. The Animal Forest is full of all kinds of wonderful animal music, and we are adding two new sounds to this eclectic ensemble. Baa’s and oinks! That’s right, the Animal Forest is scheduled to reveal their newest habitat in December.

13 Dec

Bear Awareness

During the month of May the Animal Forest highlighted Bear Awareness Month. This week long event informed participants on the proper way to camp in bear country.
For example, never stash snacks inside your tent. Always keep them 200 feet away from your campsite. Food preparation areas

9 Jun

Rescued Bear Now at Charles Towne Landing

Did you see the Post and Courier story about Memphis, our 450 pound black bear that was rescued from the backyard of a Lowcountry residence earlier this year?  (  Both of our black bears are rescues.

Rob Powell, Park Manager at Charles Towne Landing, said that Memphis

14 Aug