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Chasing Rainbows – the end ……. and a new beginning!

It had never, ever occurred to me during the four years since becoming an almost daily walker in Charles Towne Landing and proudly wearing my “self-dubbed” title, #1 Rainbow Chaser, that I would NOT be able to rainbow chase regularly. But my regular rainbow chasing on

5 Jun

Three Years In Charles Towne Landing By Betty P. White, May 13, 2013

It was three years ago in mid-May 2010 when my serious love affair with Charles Towne Landing began. I decided that walking regularly would be a key to my longevity. How much walking? 10,000 steps per day seems to be the magic number from those who

18 May

Me and Charle Towne Landing by Betty White 3/17/2013

‘Twas another GREAT day in Charles Towne Landing this morning!

It is the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day, and the Saturday before the first day of spring, and the Saturday for the Native American Plant Sale, and the Saturday for cannon firing, and the Saturday for Krispy

17 Mar

Me and Charles Towne Landing by Betty P. White – 10/24/2012

October’s bright blue weather has been wonderful for the past couple of weeks and especially after the temperature dropped a bit, and the cool early mornings became noticeable and instigated a search for a light jacket.

The birds visiting or living at Charles Towne Landing are making

25 Oct

Me and Charles Towne Landing by Betty P. White – 8/31/2012

My 10,000 steps in Charles Towne Landing this morning, as always, provided me with time to think, to meditate, to marvel at the beauty of this wet, low-country treasure and to move and to give my body all the advantages of brisk exercise.

The rain has moved

2 Sep