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President’s Corner

I hope everyone is getting accustomed to using the Friends new website, keeping up with news from the Landing, and enjoying the Newsletter.

13 Dec

5K 2015 New Year’s Day – Save the Date!

Registration is now open for the New Year’s Day 2015 5K on January 1, 2015.  Register online today! Children and adults are invited to

13 Dec

Autumn 2014 At Charles Towne Landing

The year 2014 has raced by faster than any other in my memory; it seems way too early to have AUTUMN appear for

13 Dec

The Rob Report

Park Manager Rob Powell

Another calendar year is at an end and it has been a fantastic year at Charles Towne Landing! Not just because we had a record financial year, successful 5k races, great programming, and high visitation but because so many

13 Dec

The Belk Charity Event was a success

Thank you to all park patrons that purchased Belk Charity Event tickets! The Visitor’s center raised $180 and every dime goes towards park needs. We are still waiting on the final dollar amount raised, and that number should be out fairly soon. This year, my volunteer

13 Dec

The Domestic Side of the Animal Forest

Growls, meows, howls, chirps, and squawks. The Animal Forest is full of all kinds of wonderful animal music, and we are adding two new sounds to this eclectic ensemble. Baa’s and oinks! That’s right, the Animal Forest is scheduled to reveal their newest habitat in December.

13 Dec