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Cannon Maintenance-Who Knew?

One of the most popular programs we do is the cannon firing at Charles Towne Landing.  If you have ever experienced it, you will not forget it!  The ground shakes and sound is unmistakable!  The staff at CTL are repairing the cannon carriage platforms, which, as

16 Apr

The Friends of Charles Towne Landing are pleased to announce the 7th Annual Race the Landing 5k Series.

The 5K Series, our flagship summer fundraising event, continues to support a variety of community and educational programs that help carry-on the significant history of Charles Towne Landing.

As we lead into this year, we are excited to announce WOW! internet, cable & phone as our title

11 Apr

March 2018 Updates

The Animal Forest will be adding two more bison to the exhibit in April. The yearlings are female and should transition into the current herd easily.


The elk dropped his antlers, and has been reunited with the bison herd.


The Animal Forest’s annual event, Enrichment Day was a success despite

31 Mar

Charles Towne Landing Otter Pond

What you see here is a photo of the new UV/Ozone system at the otter habitat.  This is new technology that replaced old technology.  This single unit replaced the outdated system that consisted of a 30 gallon tank, two wall units, and a controller.  The new unit

13 Mar

Reason to smile! Week of Jan 22 – Jan 28th


The yellow crown night heron is back home in the shorebird aviary! After a successful surgery, the bird received lot’s of TLC from Dr. Todd Heldreth and Susan Bogart. Because of their constant care, she not only recovered, but thrived in small quarantine. After being released back into the habitat, she can be seen

3 Mar

A Reason to Smile

This week’s reason to smile is sure to make the zookeepers not only grin from ear to ear, but also breathe a sigh of relief. The skunks are FINALLY going out on exhibit! There are many reasons why this is a good thing, such as: providing

14 Feb

Charles Towne Landing Represented at the Volunteer Fair at the Senior Center on James Island

Friends of Charles Towne Landing Board members Lynn West and Pat Ezell along with several volunteers at Charles Towne Landing showcased Charles Town Landing at the Volunteer Fair held at the Lowcountry Senior Center on January 31, 2018. This event is designed to help local organizations

1 Feb

Save the Dates

Enrichment Day is scheduled for March 17th, 2018. The fun begins at 1:00! Hope to see you there!

Bear Awareness Week kicks off May 19th and ends, Saturday May 26th. There will be a camping education program on Saturday the 19th and Saturday the 26th, both programs are

30 Jan

New in the Zoo!

The Animal Forest welcomed four female bison from Lone Palm Ranch, located in Johnston, South Carolina this past year. They range in age from eight years old to one year! The calf still nurses from its mother, but is growing so fast! Upon birth, calves have orange-red

30 Jan

Snow in the Lowcountry

Snow in the Lowcountry!

The zoo fared well throughout the snowstorm, but due to being heavily shaded, the Animal Forest trails remained icy and unsafe for visitors, forcing the zoo to remain closed for nearly one week after the initial snowfall. The river otters seemed oblivious to

30 Jan